Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Perhaps now we can begin to return to common sense…

The Labour Party has spent years calling the 17.4million people who voted to leave the European Union:
pig-ignorant peasants.

This is just in — calling people stupid, and de-platforming those that don’t agree with you, is not a vote-winner, and clearly not a majority mindset.

And now, this sorry excuse for a Labour Party, that our own Chief Minister aligns himself with, has been given the apocalyptic kicking it richly deserved.

The left wing spoiled brat pseudo fascists got destroyed, and so we can start to return to common sense and sanity.
The so called “red wall working class” saw straight through the hard left BS and remained as British and patriotic as they have actually, always been.

Perhaps now we can begin the return to our enshrined entitlement to freedom of speech and expression, without having to cow down to those who insist on “correctness” or that might be “offended”, and go to great lengths to shut down the very freedom of speech and expression that they claim for themselves.

If you are “offended” by someone’s opinion, get over it; They are allowed that opinion. Not everyone has to agree with you, defend you, or pander to you; opposite views and opinions are the lifeblood of debate.